prefer manufactured homes

The tension is rising over our landlady and our neighbor. That problem started with the leaking underground pipes, in which our neighbor feel the repair is the responsibility of the landlady. But, the landlady thinks the other way around, she believes that it is our neighbor’s responsibility. Temperament of both sides are rising, it is so obvious despite the fact that they are talking in a civilized manner. The good thing about it, is that our landlady already contracted somebody to do the repairs of all the apartment she owns including ours. That is very beneficial for us.

manufactured homeAnyway, we opt not to stay here for long. We have decided to save some money to buy a land. Then, we can just build the house little by little. We thought about buying manufactured homes, but we can’t do so. These types of houses are not yet adapted by our country, which means they are not yet available in our local market.

We have read several articles regarding the manufactured or mobile homes the last few days. And it has several perks. Generally, I like this idea because most manufactured homeowners said that it costs far less than that of stick built home. Yet, there is a wide variety of shapes, sizes, amenities, and layouts that can be difficult to tell. And, it is customizable and capable of being built according to my specifications just like the stick to built homes.

Well, like I said it is not yet possible for us to avail this since there are no companies that offer this product to the public yet. In the end we have no choice.

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