3:35 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

Women can’t Stop Shopping although they feel guilty

As we might have believed, retail therapy is not a myth five or so years ago, since it has been scientifically proven that women (and some men too) take comfort in the act of shopping, because it helps them deal with emotions, being used as some sort of safety net. That is not to say though that shopping doesn’t come with the obligatory guilt trip as well, as a new study shows most women feel remorse right after splashing out on something new, as the Daily Mail can confirm.

Numbers speak louder than words: eight of ten women feel remorse after a shopping spree, when, right after the initial sensation of exhilaration and good mood they are overcome with shame and guilt. Three quarters of them start feeling this way while they’re still in the shop – however, not one woman lets the guilt trip ruin her shopping spree, all of them choosing to deal with the consequences of their act at a later time. Even more, about seven percent of them shop even more to make sure the feeling of guilt is pushed back as much as possible.

“Life at the moment is full of stresses with money being right up there, but it’s difficult to break the habit of a lifetime. Going shopping now comes with more baggage so women are trying to find creative ways to justify their spree.” a spokesperson for Skinny Cow, the dessert brand that commissioned the survey, tells the Mail about the findings. Attributing to shopping an emotional value it did not have before would also explain why recession has failed to alter women’s shopping patterns in any way, except to make them splash even more money on clothes and accessories.

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