3:34 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

New Mature Haircut of Justin Bieber

The Biebs has chopped off most of his hair, thus ridding himself of the famous ‘do known simply as “The Bieber.”  Over these past few months, Beliebers have been receiving definite clues that Justin was thinking about a change of style, perhaps on the assumption that he had outgrown the hairdo that had become almost as famous as he was, if such a thing is possible.

At first, he only tried out a few trims here and there, which, though they did alter his ‘do, did not turn it into something entirely new and entirely different. Now, Justin has decided to go all the way and, while on the set of his upcoming video, he had his personal stylist to give him a spanking brand new, more “mature” hairstyle.

The post also comes with a series of shots of Justin getting his new ‘do. Justin Bieber’s first ‘do, a bowl cut known as “The Bieber,” is one of the most copied styles with fans, with both boys and girls asking for it. While they pay upwards of $14 for “The Bieber,” the teen idol has to dig deeper in his pockets than that: Vanessa Price, his stylist, charges him $750 every two weeks for a touch-up, as we also informed you a while back.

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