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Management of Hearing Loss Problem

When a hearing aid does not give enough amplification, as with profound deafness, a cochlear implant – sometimes known as a bionic ear – may help. This device transmits sound directly into the auditory nerve via electrodes which are surgically implanted into the cochlea. The results of a cochlear implant vary between people, and it is hard to tell how useful it will be before it is implanted.

Home Care

Wax build-up can frequently be flushed out of the ear (gently) with ear syringes (available in drug stores) and warm water. Wax softeners (like Cerumenex) may be needed if the wax is hard and impacted.

Care should be taken when removing foreign bodies. Unless it is easy to get to, have your health care provider remove the object. Don’t use sharp instruments to remove foreign bodies.

Hearing Loss Prevention

Protect your ears in the workplace. Specially designed earmuffs that resemble earphones can protect your ears by bringing most loud sounds down to an acceptable level. Foam, pre-formed, or custom-molded earplugs made of plastic or rubber also can effectively protect your ears from damaging noise.

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