12:23 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

a very nice travel idea

Oh my I can’t believe it! After four years, we are finally free from school fees. Wifey’s sister, who we support, already graduated from college. It means we can now enjoy our earnings for our travel. I remember the invitation of my friend in New York. I mentioned somewhere in this blog that she volunteer to tour us around, but I declined at that time. It would too awkward to ask her if she can do that this time.

Fortunately, there are companies that offer that kind of service. If ever I will go to NY, I will opt for Gray Line’s FreeStyle New York Tour. This feature gives travelers the option to choose their own New York Attractions to visit. Their one flat rate gives access to multiple double-decker bus tours, attractions and tickets to museums and cruises, vouchers for dining options and airport transfers. It’s the tourist who will decide how much fun they can handle, they can either pick 3 or 5 menu items. Each of the packages includes 72 hours of double-decker tours: Downtown Loop, Uptown Loop, Night Tour, and Brooklyn Tour. Plus, a choice of any 3 or 5 items off of the FreeStyle Menu: cruises, attractions, dining, museums, and fun items.

Sounds a very good idea! At least with the service, I won’t have to bother anyone during my stay. If ever, my friend no longer has to take off from work to accompany me. Thinking about it fires me up. I am just excited to make it happen.

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