3:34 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

good backup system give you peace of mind

I freaked out a little after hearing Friendster will be shutting down this May. I’m a great fan of this social networking site where I uploaded hundreds of my photos. I even created another account for more photo space. But, I gradually forgot about it after becoming a Facebook fan, although my account remains active until now. Hearing that they will be shutting down, I instantly logged in and back up my files including that of wifey.

For now, I already have lots of important files in my computer. I’m sure the use of data backup software is really helpful. Losing important files is so frustrating and irritating. I had a bad experience on that one before where I lost thousands of my photos. In just few minutes I lost all the photos I treasured forever and wasn’t able to salvage even one of it.

That is the reason I’m taking precautions now especially that I’m not just keeping photos. There are other important files I’m holding on to now. Having a good back up system will give me some peace of mind.

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