7:42 am - Friday October 7, 2011

he loves customizing his car

Wifey’s brother is looking for ways to enhance the look of his car. He bought a secondhand car so he could do whatever he wants with less worries. Other than that he gets savings from the car itself. Actually, he is such a great fan of “pimp my ride” show where poor condition cars are restored and customize.

However, doing it on his own will mean he will shoulder all the expenses and he will do all the restoration and customizing; which excites him even further. For now, he already added several accessories to the car including LED Light Bar. But, he is still looking for other car accessories to purchase in the future. I’m excited to see the appearance of his car this time as I can’t imagine what it looks like. It was just an ordinary car when we left the hometown two months ago. I hope it will not shock me, but amaze me.

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