3:34 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

reviewing it again

Mmmm, it’s indeed a good evening because of the localized thunderstorm. It makes the night really comfortable to sleep in without having to turn on the cooling unit. I used to complain about the hot weather; today I won’t do that because I’m really pleased with the temperature.

Well, before going to great slumber, I still need to check the symptoms of low testosterone. I got fairly low score in my simulation exam a bit earlier because of this. So, it’s reasonable for me to review it so not to get the same mistake if I encounter the same question again.

Okay I will share few of the things I found while reading some articles, it says symptoms of low testosterone is recognizable when there is a problem with sexual dysfunction. Also, one of the most foretelling signs of lower testosterone is a decrease in muscle mass with an increase in fat around the waist while having no change in exercise or eating habits. Along with an increase in fat there is a decrease in energy and libido. I think that’s enough information that I can share for now. I’d better dig in some more and will probably share it in the future.

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