12:24 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

Guide for a Shoestring Budgeting

Considerably, the most money going out will be for food and groceries. The key to saving money on groceries is to make a menu for the week prior to going shopping. Get out the calendar, see what events are planned that week and write out meals according to the time you will have available. It will save money from impulse buying, and also stop you from pulling in the drive-thru because you can’t face preparing a huge meal.

A good place to find great clothes is your local thrift stores. They are being bombarded by teenagers! You would not believe the cool, name brand clothing you will find in these stores. Some may even have the tags still on them. Just get in there and dig. Don’t buy just because it’s cheap, though. Just buy what you came in to get. December is a great month for these shops because people are donating for tax write-offs. You can also find DVD’s, CD’s, appliances, etc. at thrift shops. Thrift stores are becoming the latest fad!

Instead of shelling out twenty dollars to take your family to the movies, order a pay-per-view movie from your cable provider. You all can watch for the price of one, and have all the pop-corn and soda you want at a much cheaper price than at the movie theater. Instead of going bowling weekly, try having a game night. Everyone has board games. If you don’t, pick a few up at your local thrift store.

Try making homemade cleaners instead of buying them. Simple things like a little vinegar added to the rinse cycle can serve as a fabric softener. Dryer sheets can be used as dust rags. Explore all your options. You will save hundreds of dollars each year by following these simple tips.

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