3:33 pm - Friday October 7, 2011

perfect headphone for her

Ever since, wifey loves to watch anime through online streaming. She can do that for a day without interruption especially during her days off. She said it’s her way of relaxing because she enjoys it a lot especially the romantic comedy type. Of course, she can understand them, thanks to the caption. But, it only annoys and disturbs me because I can’t understand the language they are using – far from screen.

So, I thought it’s better to buy her Beats headphone. It’s a headphone designed to capture the sonic detail that is meant to be heard. It’s perfect for her because it’s lightweight and easily portable. The cushioned earpads will give the padding and comfort needed with reduced background noise. With this headphone, I’m sure not to hear loud anime voices again – unless of course I’m watching with her.

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