10:34 am - Friday October 7, 2011

accidentally told mom

Last few weeks, dad was able to get a fairly nice offer; really significant deal. I know it because I’m the one who does the job, which is always the case. I thought he told mom about it, but surprisingly he did not. He kept it a secret from her. So, I accidentally created a little rift between the two. It’s not my intention to do so.

After a little while, dad called me and informs me of his plan. One of it is changing the floor tiles. He said our house needs a little upgrade. In addition, he also plans to buy simplicity zero turn mowers so he won’t need to manually cut the grass in our yard. It’s been a long time since he made this plan. He is just waiting for the right timing and money. Then, out of nowhere he said he will share a little amount to me. Of course, he made the offer so I will accept it. It makes me feel guilty for accidentally telling mom about it. Good thing they are already in good terms the day before he made that call.

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