7:48 pm - Sunday January 1, 2012

everyone’s excited about our trip

Oh my! Everyone is just so excited about our trip. I’ve been receiving lots of goodbyes and good luck wish from friends and families. It’s the same thing for wifey. In fact, her mom is too excited that she wants to send us to the airport. But, she needs to fly here to do that, which she is willing to do just to see her daughter. Well, I guess it can’t be helped.

However, I’m not planning on staying there for a long time. After maybe five to ten years, I will have sufficient money to start my own business so I will come home by then. I envisioned myself managing a computer shop or a restaurant. I just hope Aldelo System is still available by that time in an upgraded manner.

Anyway, speaking of system wifey told me about it after finding somewhere in the web. It says this system contains everything necessary to get your restaurant up and running with a complete, computer-based restaurant POS System. It is ideal for a sit down restaurants with multiple servers and table layouts, the POS System comes pre-configured to work with the included hardware right out of the box, minimizing the time between receiving the system and being ready to go.

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