7:48 pm - Sunday January 1, 2012

making her so worked-up

I would say our trip next week is making wifey so worked-up. She is feeling both excited and anxious about it and it’s giving her hard time to sleep. All of these are driving her to eat more, which boils down to gaining few pounds. She is an emotional eater and it’s her way to celebrate and to conquer whatever sadness and anxiousness to feel so it’s no wonder she’s having hard time shedding pounds.

Anyway, as for me I guess I will be sharing some good stuff. Given my current weight, I’m somewhat sure that I lost some pounds. Isn’t that wonderful? It’s true! No matter how I look at myself in the mirror, I lost the huge belly fat I used to have a few months before. But, my tummy is not that flat yet. It can use a lot of help until I can see a six-pack abs.

For now, I continue reading different fat burners reviews as it really helped me in my fat burner search. I haven’t tried any one of it yet since I have no money to spare, which saddens me. But, I’m sure soon enough I can get my hands on them.

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