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Scary Thin Sandra Bullock since Ryan Reynolds Dumped Her

Friday, September 30th, 2011

New heartbreak is the reason why Sandra Bullock has lost a lot of weight just recently. Things with Ryan Reynolds didn’t work out and he’s already moved on. For a while, talk of how Sandra and Ryan – very good friends in real life – was a couple gained a lot of momentum, with some reports even saying they were planning a small Texas wedding for later this year. Insiders are now saying that the two are no longer together and that he’s already moved on; one of the female stars he’s been linked to is “TRON: Legacy” stunner Olivia Wilde.

In its latest print issue, Life & Style claims that Sandra is having a very hard time dealing with the breakup – and it can all be seen in how skinny she is, Jezebel informs. “Apparently Sandra Bullock is ‘stressed-out’ and ‘can’t stop losing weight.’ She has suffered a ‘radical transformation’ and is ‘scary thin’,” the e-zine writes.

Indeed, the picture L&S used for the cover does seem to suggest that the Oscar-winning actress has lost some weight, which is visible especially in the chest area. “Her ‘chest bones are showing,’ and her ‘face is gaunt’ and her arms are ‘veiny and too muscular.’ A nutritional therapist who does not treat her says she has ‘almost no fat on her body’. Just in case you haven’t gotten the point, there’s text on a picture of Sandy which reads, ‘a newly bony body.’ This is not only because she went through an icky divorce, but because Ryan Reynolds has ‘moved on’ and Sandra ‘has no outlet for the loneliness she’s feeling’,” the e-zine further writes.

Of course, the entire report might be bogus since the two probably never even dated. The two have always been good friends and this – and not a romantic relationship – could explain the many times they’ve been photographed together in recent months.

protecting personal information

Friday, September 30th, 2011

I’m bothered when I first laid hand of my new passport. I discovered that a microchip is embedded in it, which contains my personal information. The government opt to impose newer technology for efficiency and convenience. But, it presents greater risk of electronic pickpocketing, identity theft, and payment fraud. Of course, technology also has some drawbacks, which is even scarier and dangerous. That’s why it is a good way to find protection against the threats and consider good security.

Luckily, stronghold already develops protection for the threats. The product range from rfid credit card blocking sleeves, passport RFID blocking products, secure sleeves, secure wallets that block RFID, secure badgeholders, to cell phone shielded bags. These products have the ability to block the personal information being sent by radio waves from credit cards, passports, and other ID cards. So, it is much safer to walk around even with those microchips.

lucky we are nowadays

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

It is a fact that everyone wants to have a great healthy looking skin. It gives confidence to face the world no matter how challenging situations may seem. Unfortunately, not everyone is bestowed with youthful skin because of several reasons. Genes, environmental factors and lifestyle are few of the reasons that contribute to skin aging. Even the most effective skin care products can’t turn back the years, but there are steps that can be done so the skin looks healthy for a longer time.

Luckily, a variety of skincare products are available in the market nowadays including premier skin care products. Premier Dead Sea cosmetics are scientifically developed by expert dermatologists and chemists who specialize in aging and skin biology. These products are formulated with the intention of balancing nature’s finest ingredients with the most modern and latest developments in science. The product line consists of over one hundred individual products to cater to different customer needs. So, whatever the skin type, there is a special skin care regimen that can be customized for specific individual needs.

Bizarre snail found after 110 Years

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

According to the recent discovery, an isolated population of rare land snail last recorded in Fife 110 years ago has been rediscovered. The plaited door snail (Cochlodina laminata) sighting was received by Fife Nature Records Centre, following a report from a member of the public. The snail, which has a distinctive corkscrew shell, was last recorded in West Fife near Oakley in 1901.

The new discovery near Blairhall is thought to be the only known population in Fife. The plaited door snail is found in woodlands and grazes on algae and lichen. Fife Coast and Countryside Trust is urging nature spotters keen to see the snail for them to check tree trunks, although at only 15 to 18mm long and with a dark red-brown shell, it is well camouflaged.

Alexa Tweedle, Fife Coast and Countryside Trust information officer, said: “Within Fife there has only ever been one previous record and that was in 1901. It’s probably the same population of snail as it is so close, the last sighting was in Oakley and this one is in Blairhall. To have a confirmed recording of a population in Fife for the first time in over 100 years is very exciting.”

The snail can be recognised by its club shaped shell which spirals around 11 times. The snail is so rare in Scotland that it has been placed on the Scottish Biodiversity list, a list of animals plants and habitats that are of principal importance to biodiversity in Scotland.

helping a friend

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

Out of nowhere, one of my friends yaps about the auto collision he experienced. He is so mad for having to go through that incident. But, he is also thankful enough that he remains unharmed, which is the most important. The car can be replaced, but limbs or life can’t. That’s why he is still thankful for that.

Despite that he is still faced a big problem – vehicle repair. I’m not sure if he is covered by insurance or not. I wanted to help that’s why I look around for auto repair estimate in the web. Instead, of finding the answer for that I ran across the auto body estimating software, which sounds much interesting. It can be really good for auto Repair Company to have that online. Doing so will widen their reach and will help their clients. I’ll certainly keep this information for future use, for now I will go on help my friend who doesn’t stop whining.

helping a friend shop for medical supplies

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

Before we left our home country, one of our friends named Roxanne asked for some suggestions on where to purchase affordable adult diapers. She used to bring this with her before from the US, but since airlines impose lower baggage allowance she wasn’t able to do so. She needs this product for her ailing grandmother in the province. She supplied the diapers so she and her family somewhat has contribution, despite having to live continents away.

Well, in that case there is only one I can think of and that is DME (Disposable Medical Express). They are dedicated to providing the widest selection and highest quality medical products. Not only that they also have great customer service, which is an advantage of elderly people. They have the best prices one will find on the web and shipping is free. They also feature an AutoShip Service option that allows clients to save money. It’s hassle-free and very convenient. So, even the elderly will be able to get the supplies they need without having to sweat.