10:47 pm - Tuesday November 29, 2011

helping a friend shop for medical supplies

Before we left our home country, one of our friends named Roxanne asked for some suggestions on where to purchase affordable adult diapers. She used to bring this with her before from the US, but since airlines impose lower baggage allowance she wasn’t able to do so. She needs this product for her ailing grandmother in the province. She supplied the diapers so she and her family somewhat has contribution, despite having to live continents away.

Well, in that case there is only one I can think of and that is DME (Disposable Medical Express). They are dedicated to providing the widest selection and highest quality medical products. Not only that they also have great customer service, which is an advantage of elderly people. They have the best prices one will find on the web and shipping is free. They also feature an AutoShip Service option that allows clients to save money. It’s hassle-free and very convenient. So, even the elderly will be able to get the supplies they need without having to sweat.

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