4:39 pm - Thursday December 29, 2011

protecting personal information

I’m bothered when I first laid hand of my new passport. I discovered that a microchip is embedded in it, which contains my personal information. The government opt to impose newer technology for efficiency and convenience. But, it presents greater risk of electronic pickpocketing, identity theft, and payment fraud. Of course, technology also has some drawbacks, which is even scarier and dangerous. That’s why it is a good way to find protection against the threats and consider good security.

Luckily, stronghold already develops protection for the threats. The product range from rfid credit card blocking sleeves, passport RFID blocking products, secure sleeves, secure wallets that block RFID, secure badgeholders, to cell phone shielded bags. These products have the ability to block the personal information being sent by radio waves from credit cards, passports, and other ID cards. So, it is much safer to walk around even with those microchips.

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