10:27 pm - Sunday December 4, 2011

Scary Thin Sandra Bullock since Ryan Reynolds Dumped Her

New heartbreak is the reason why Sandra Bullock has lost a lot of weight just recently. Things with Ryan Reynolds didn’t work out and he’s already moved on. For a while, talk of how Sandra and Ryan – very good friends in real life – was a couple gained a lot of momentum, with some reports even saying they were planning a small Texas wedding for later this year. Insiders are now saying that the two are no longer together and that he’s already moved on; one of the female stars he’s been linked to is “TRON: Legacy” stunner Olivia Wilde.

In its latest print issue, Life & Style claims that Sandra is having a very hard time dealing with the breakup – and it can all be seen in how skinny she is, Jezebel informs. “Apparently Sandra Bullock is ‘stressed-out’ and ‘can’t stop losing weight.’ She has suffered a ‘radical transformation’ and is ‘scary thin’,” the e-zine writes.

Indeed, the picture L&S used for the cover does seem to suggest that the Oscar-winning actress has lost some weight, which is visible especially in the chest area. “Her ‘chest bones are showing,’ and her ‘face is gaunt’ and her arms are ‘veiny and too muscular.’ A nutritional therapist who does not treat her says she has ‘almost no fat on her body’. Just in case you haven’t gotten the point, there’s text on a picture of Sandy which reads, ‘a newly bony body.’ This is not only because she went through an icky divorce, but because Ryan Reynolds has ‘moved on’ and Sandra ‘has no outlet for the loneliness she’s feeling’,” the e-zine further writes.

Of course, the entire report might be bogus since the two probably never even dated. The two have always been good friends and this – and not a romantic relationship – could explain the many times they’ve been photographed together in recent months.

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