got curious already

When I was in college, I used to hear my friends talked about coffin case. Since I’m a bit of a lazy person, I don’t give a care about it. To be honest I thought they are talking about coffin, the one used to contain dead people. So, I really don’t bother myself since I don’t like that topic. It was only recently when I heard the term again that push me to ask what it is. I become curious so I asked.

To my amazement they are talking about guitar case that looks like a coffin. It is the type that mostly rock stars use. That friend of mine says there are best coffin case at WWBW. It is best for music lovers out there to check it out. Well, I guess my wife sister’s boyfriend can really make use of it. He is a band member specifically playing the guitar. I better relay the information to her when she’s coming home.

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