Failures teach us Success

During the ’40s, a young Jewish boy chose to forego academia in order to pursue his dream of becoming another Benny Goodman. Against his parents’ wishes, he began playing in a jazz band. His musical talents were less than sterling, and soon he realized he was just another musician teetering on the brink of unemployment. […]

poetry and real life

For such, there are many occasions in life that spur people into writing memorable poetry verses. Some of these verses might come when we fall in love for the first time or they may come when we are exposed to a memorable experience that touches our heart in one way or another. Writing memorable poetry […]

Relationship Secrets (episode 1)

DIFFERENCES Celebrate differences. Never force your ideologies down each other’s throat. Give up trying to turn your partner into you. Accept differences, appreciate them. FIGHTS Fight w/the aim to resolve the issue. Don’t outdo each other. The longer you extend the fight. The more chances that you’ll say something hurtful that you don’t really mean. […]

How will I let you know that I LOVE YOU?

You are my Inspiration On everything I do. Even if how hard it is, I always find a way to pursue.  I tend to ignore My feelings for you. But the more I do, The more I cherished you. I don’t know why, As it keep telling me that it is not a lie. I […]

Quotations of the day…

Quotations will somehow help you understand on what’s your purpose in life even if its just a single phrase nor a single word but its full of meanings. Meanings that simply defines life in general. But remember what ever the quotation is, still the last and final decision depends on you. Its just a matters […]

An Entrapment….

I love poems though I merely do some. Simply because I do believe that there are word that could not be explain through actions. This are those words that simply relies through the action of man on how he/she feels towards a particular things. Poems is one of the best way to express your obsess […]