Giving Your Home the Stamp of Your Personality

Whether you’ve just bought your home, you’re getting ready to sell it, or you’ve had your place for years, there are sure to be improvements that you would like to make. It could be a matter of repairs or the fact that you are simply in the mood for a change. Before you dive into […]

Food That You Should Not Refrigerate

Pomelo Market-buying tip: Pick fruit with oily, light yellow skin. Get one that feels heavy for its size. Store: Place on tabletop at room temperature with no packaging. Shelf life: 2 months at room temperature Avocados Market-buying tip: Look for firm fruit that yields to soft pressure. Must be either shiny green or purplish-black in […]

3 Apps that will make you look good in selfies

Camera+ This tester favorite earned high marks for its intuitive interface, stellar filters, and border selections. Simple enough for beginners, yet has enough bells and whistles for the pros. $2.99, Adobe Photoshop Express Fix everything, from wrinkles to red eye, with this consumers’ version of the pro retoucher. Testers loved how easy it was […]

tips when applying for debt consolidation

I will not come clean, but compared to my brother I am much better off when it comes to credit card debts. He falls victim to having to too much credit cards, unaware that he can no longer pay it off at the end of the month even the minimum. So, he is thinking of […]

Foods that deter Diabetes

Apples One apple delivers five grams of fiber (that’s 20% of your daily value), plus plenty of immune-boosting vitamin C. Fiber plays a major role in diabetes prevention since it helps regulate blood sugar. Plus, while all diets high in fruits and veggies are linked with decreasing risk of diabetes and other chronic diseases, apples […]

‘N Sync’s VMA Reunion DEFINITELY Happening!

This Sunday’s Video Music Awards 2013, MTV is still to confirm officially that they will include a “surprise” performance from the reunited ‘NSYNC, but more details about the gig are emerging online. According to insiders speaking to Us Magazine, the five singers will be performing a medley that will also include their hit “Bye Bye […]