India bets on eco-friendly technology

Neha Juneja – a 27-year-old entrepreneur from Mumbai who, together with a friend, spotted a green business opportunity in rural India. In a village in Maharahstra, she demonstrates the device she hopes will make her money – the Greenway Grameen Infra, an eco-friendly cook stove. Hundreds of millions of Indians still prepare food on centuries […]

Earth’s glaciers out of balance?

According to the recent research, Earth’s glaciers are seriously out of balance with the global climate and are already on their way to losing almost 40% of their volume. This is the assessment of scientists after studying a representative group of 144 small and large glaciers around the world. Their figure assumes no further warming […]

protecting personal information

I’m bothered when I first laid hand of my new passport. I discovered that a microchip is embedded in it, which contains my personal information. The government opt to impose newer technology for efficiency and convenience. But, it presents greater risk of electronic pickpocketing, identity theft, and payment fraud. Of course, technology also has some […]

Bizarre snail found after 110 Years

According to the recent discovery, an isolated population of rare land snail last recorded in Fife 110 years ago has been rediscovered. The plaited door snail (Cochlodina laminata) sighting was received by Fife Nature Records Centre, following a report from a member of the public. The snail, which has a distinctive corkscrew shell, was last […]

helping a friend

Out of nowhere, one of my friends yaps about the auto collision he experienced. He is so mad for having to go through that incident. But, he is also thankful enough that he remains unharmed, which is the most important. The car can be replaced, but limbs or life can’t. That’s why he is still […]

antibacterial secretions use by Insects to protect young

According to recent research, scientists have confirmed that so-called burying beetles coat their young’s food with an antibacterial substance to guarantee their survival. Burying beetles lay their eggs on the carcasses of small animals, such as birds and rodents. The researchers show that without the anti-microbial secretions the young fail to gain weight and die. […]