Driving Rules to Follow For a Safe Driving.

After getting six over speeding fines, I learned to stay at 139kph in highway and 80 within the city. I also had jumping the red light penalty that almost put my vehicle to impound. Of course, I didn’t allow that to happen so I paid all the penalties including the impounding penalty when I renewed […]

Signs you may have a Thyroid Problem

Experts estimate that about 59 million Americans are suffering with a thyroid problem. However, most of these individuals are not even aware of it yet. The thyroid is a gland that is shaped like a butterfly and located in the neck. This metabolism gland directly effects every aspect of your life. When it’s not functioning […]

3 Apps that will make you look good in selfies

Camera+ This tester favorite earned high marks for its intuitive interface, stellar filters, and border selections. Simple enough for beginners, yet has enough bells and whistles for the pros. $2.99, campl.us Adobe Photoshop Express Fix everything, from wrinkles to red eye, with this consumers’ version of the pro retoucher. Testers loved how easy it was […]

kitchen cabinet painting

Christmas is definitely coming. Although we aren’t expecting a long of guest having a fresh paint can go give our kitchen an instant makeover. Actually, we haven’t touched the pain in our kitchen since we moved in. I guess it’s time to give it a revamp. There are three basic tools you can use to […]

tips when applying for debt consolidation

I will not come clean, but compared to my brother I am much better off when it comes to credit card debts. He falls victim to having to too much credit cards, unaware that he can no longer pay it off at the end of the month even the minimum. So, he is thinking of […]

Use Your Degree: Make More Money in the Medical Business

When you go to medical school, everybody tells you that you’re going to have an easy time making a living as a doctor. While it’s certainly possible to make an income, many people who start their own practice find that it isn’t as lucrative as they want it to be – at least at first. […]